Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flooding reeks havoc on Tennessee this afternoon

You probably weren't aware, but it rained in the northwestern portion of the Memphis CWA today. And it rained a lot. Radar estimates show almost 8" of rain over that area, and that is probably under the real amount. Now, before Noah opens his ark, let me tell you about some of the incidents in our area.
  • Near Clarksburg, TN (12:35 PM): Many county roads flooded
  • Chesterfield, TN (12:39 PM): Caramel Cove Road flooded
  • Parsons, TN (12:41 PM)
    • Four businesses have 4" of flood water
    • One home has 6" of water, and another has nearly a foot of water
    • Sections of almost every road in town is flooded with almost two feet of water

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