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...Crockett...Gibson...and Weakley counties...

A team investigated the damage across northern Crockett...southwest Gibson...and southern Weakley counties. The damage was the result of two tornadoes...both have been rate an f-1 on the Fujita scale.
1st tornado path
The first tornado began northeast of Friendship, Tennessee in Crockett County along Friendship Eaton Road around 1:20 PM. The tornado tracked northeast paralleling the road before crossing Highway 188 near the Crockett/Gibson County line. The tornado continued northeast into Gibson County and affected the communities of Center and Dyer. The tornado appeared to have touched down and lifted back up several times along the track. The total length of the storm was approximately 15 miles with the tornado being 300 yards at its widest. One house northeast of Friendship was shifted off of its foundation. Other homes suffered shingle damage. Several mobile homes and utility sheds also received moderate to heavy damage. A Tornado Warning was issued at 1:09 PM.
2nd tornado path
The second tornado occurred in the city of Greenfield in Weakley County. The tornado occurred around 1:55 PM. A house on Claude Road suffered significant damage. A mobile home suffered slight damage...along with several trees being uprooted. A Tornado Warning was issued at 2:06 PM. injuries occurred in the three counties.

...Lawrence County, Arkansas...

Another assessment team surveyed Lawrence County Arkansas storm damage. This damage was the result of straight line winds from a severe thunderstorm.
Lawerence tornado
Storm damage began near Clover Bend or approximately 10 miles southwest of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Damage was sporadic...mainly tree and minor roof damage...through the towns of Hoxie and Walnut Ridge before coming to an end about three miles southwest of Whiskerville. A fully secured trailer at the end of the damage path near Whiskerville lost its roof and sustained significant structural damage. The winds produced by this severe thunderstorm were estimated to be between 60 to 75 mph...with gusts to 90 mph.

...Additional Remarks...

The National Weather Service would like to thank Mr. Ron Watkins of the Henry County Emergency Management Agency...Mr. Jerrell Reasons of the Crockett County EMA...Mr. Mike Caudill of TEMA...Mr. Ricky Graves of the Gibson County EMA...and Mr. Mark Seat of the Weakley County EMA.

The National Weather Service would also like to extend its gratitude to the citizens of the affected communities. Their kindness and cooperation allowed the storm survey teams to conduct a more thorough assessment.

...Tornadic Fujita Scale Table...

F0....40-72 mph
F1....73-112 mph
F2...113-157 mph
F3...158-206 mph
F4...207-260 mph
F5...261-318 mph

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