Friday, January 14, 2005

Current Weather (non-Flash)

Time since update: $age_days days, $age_hours hours, $age_min minutes, $age_sec seconds

Temperature: $temp_f°F / $temp_c°C
Dew Point: $dewpoint_f°F / $dewpoint_c°C
Humidity: $humidity%
Barometric Pressure: $bar_inhg inhg / $bar_hpa hpa
Wind: $wind_dir ($wind_dir_deg°) at $wind_speed mph ($wind_speed_kph kph)
Rain (Past Hour): $rain_hour in / $rain_hour_cm cm
Rain (Today): $rain_today in / $rain_today_cm cm
Rain (past 24 hours): $rain_24hr in / $rain_24hr_cm cm

Thanks to Brad, Jim, Steve, and Bob at for coming up with this script.


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